I Had An Abortion

I had an abortion because my boyfriend and I split up. It may sound hard to some people, but I felt it was what I needed to do. My mum split up with a boyfriend when I was 12 years old. At the time, she was pregnant and went a head with the pregnancy. There was nothing wrong with the baby, but my mum did not love that baby very much. When I thought about that, I knew having an abortion was the right thing to do.

Some girls who have abortions have no support at all. Even though I have left London escorts, I know that I can always rely on the support of my former London escorts colleagues. They were great with me and supported my decision all the way. My boyfriend knew that I was pregnant, but was not interested. There is no way that I would even contemplate letting a child grow up without a father so I went ahead with the termination.

It all happened really quickly. At first I thought I was going to be stressed out about for months, but then I realised I had a lot of things going on in my life which were very positive. Since I had left London escorts, I had managed to get a really good job, and I must admit I was enjoying my new job.

After ten years with London escorts, I had felt it was time to move on, so I did. It was around this time I met this so called nice guy, who turned out to be anything but nice. Yes, it was upsetting, but I have learned my lesson now.

During my time with charlotte action escorts, I did not really have any serious boyfriends. When I met this guy, I was really desperate to hang on to him. We did all sorts of crazy stuff together. The biggest problem during our relationship, was his drinking habits. He used to drink a lot and I sort of followed suite. A couple of times we had sex without protection, and the end result was of course my pregnancy. I could not believe I had been so stupid. However, my former London escorts colleagues soon made sure I stopped kicking myself for my stupid mistake.

Do I think about the baby? I do think about the baby, but at the same time, I am glad I was brave enough to make the decision. At the moment I still get the odd weepy day, but when that happens I just call my friends at charlotte action escorts. I am trying to go beyond it at the moment, and I am getting there. When things get too bad, I know I always have someone to talk. Yes, I have moved on with my life. Leaving London escorts was the right choice, and I am finally able to get on with my life. However, I have decided to stay away from guys for a little while, no matter how nice they seem to be.

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