Abortions – a big issue

No woman takes having an abortion lightly. My sister had to have an abortion for medical reasons, says Nina from London escorts services, and she went through a terrible time. She knew that the child was going to be born severely handicapped and did not want another human being to suffer. I can understand her reasons, but it did not make the decision any easier. She has support from me and all of the sexy escorts in London at www.charlotteaction.org. But, my sister was one of the lucky ones, a lot of women who have abortions do not have any support at all.

After the episode with my sister, I got interested in the topic and so did several of my colleagues at London escorts. We started to wonder what kind of support these women really get in our modern society. To our shock, we were surprised to find that they get very little support. This is part of the reason they have such a hard time emotionally. Myself, and my colleagues at London escorts, have started to support several charities who support women who have suffered the pain of abortions. It is not easy for them to talk about their decisions.

All of the women that we have spoken to have taken some tough decisions. Some of these women had become pregnant after violent sexual acts such as rape. Most of my friends at London escorts found this situation really hard to deal with. These poor women had not only suffered a violent act, but had to endure the pain of an abortion as well. I can understand why they all elected to have an abortion, looking at the child it would remind you of a violent event. To me, and all of the other London escorts, it was heart breaking to speak to these women.

Of course, some women have had abortions because of other reasons as well. It is expensive to raise children, and there are even women out there who has had abortions because of that reason. It must have been so difficult, and there should be money made available. This made a lot of my London escorts friends angry as a lot of money is given to illegal immigrants. All of the London escorts that I know pay their taxes. Why can’t some of the money that we pay in tax be spent on something useful instead, asks Nina.

Most women will have a lot of sympathy with a woman who has had to undergo an abortion. In some cases it is not only the woman who is affected. It is worthwhile to point out, says Nina, a lot of men are affected as well. It can be just as difficult for men to cope with the pain of an abortion. All of the escorts in London that I have spoken to, says Nina, are happy to support women in this kind of situations. It is heart breaking to hear their stories, but all of the London escorts that I spoke to, pointed out how important it is to talk about these things.