Abortion – Getting To The Heart Of The Issue

Chalkboard - Abortion

The word ‘abortion’ is one of the most loaded and emotional terms in existence, in all languages and cultures. It does not matter whether you are a woman in Great Britain, a man in the United States, a nurse in India, or a parent in the Middle East – abortion is a controversial subject.

The question of whether or not abortion should be considered morally wrong is one which has raged for many centuries and continues to rage today. There are two opposing sides surrounding the debate – the pro-life supporters, who believe that there is never a valid reason to abort a child, and the pro-choice lobbyists, who believe that women should always have the right to terminate a pregnancy.

Fighting a Never Ending Battle
There have been endless bitter battles, protests, victories, defeats, attacks, dangers, and triumphs for both of the warring factions over the decades, and whilst abortion legislation on the whole might be more liberal now than ever before, there are still many places (even in the USA) where pregnant women are routinely denied the right to abort.

The bottom line is that, no matter which side of the debate you stand on, it is hard to deny the fact that its targets have, themselves, been repeatedly pushed to the side lines as a result of vicious conduct between the two. It is so easy to miss the very real and genuine concerns of the women right at the heart of this debate, because the controversy so often acts as a smokescreen.

Taking Care of Vulnerable Women
The emotional and psychological pain of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can be extremely tough on a woman, no matter what her personal beliefs. The situation is even more agonizing if the pregnancy is a product of rape or abuse. The torment associated with this kind of attack is painful enough, so to have to deal with the thought of an unwanted child must be an unimaginable weight.

This is the issue which should lie at the heart of the debate, not politics or religion. This is what pro-life and pro-choice protesters need to remember when trying to score points in the media or grab headlines – that the women grappling with thoughts of abortion are extremely vulnerable and often in a great deal of emotional pain.

Thus, the aim of a caring society should be to provide these women with the emotional and psychological support that they so desperately crave, no matter whether they ended up going ahead with plans to abort an unwanted baby or they did not. It is time for us to stand up and start being that caring society, because it is no dramatization to say that women have and continue to die because it is denied them. For safer sex check out wwwcharlotteaction.org.